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The chosen one ... literally


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Image There is a man in India who held his arm up one day and decided to keep it there. Almost 50 years later, his arm is still in the air.

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Patient's husband turns insane after dermatologist asks her to present her hands, legs and stomach during a checkup NSFW


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Straight men of reddit why do you like thick thighs soo much?


I keep seeing these reels where the guy wants to get suffocated by the girls thighs and the comment section is filled with other guys commenting how he has achieved life's purpose. I don't get if this is a joke or you guys actually want it

By thick I mean bigger thighs with a regular body. Not fat you guys are misinterpreting it.

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What stopped you from killing yourself? NSFW


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Well, I guess it's all just water under the... Oh

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Not the A-hole AITA for telling one of my daughters classmates moms to fuck off about what I put in my daughters lunch?


(No names in this story are real.)

For some context before the story, I (38f) cook asian foods regularly for dinner and for my daughter, Lily’s (7f) lunches at school. This is because my family enjoys these foods, I like to cook these foods, and my mom cooked a bunch of these foods growing up since she’s half Japanese.

Often times I’ll either give my daughter some leftovers from last nights dinner, plus a fruit/veggie and a snack, or I’ll make her a quick little bento box or some other thing really quick.

So, after school one day, my daughter wanted to play on the playground for a bit before we went home. I said she could play for a few minutes, and she ran off to play. I was waiting next to this other parent, who we’ll call Debra. While I was waiting, Debra came up to me.

Debra: Are you Lily’s mother?

Me: Oh, yeah, I am, why?

Debra: Well, your daughter’s lunches have been bothering my son, and I would like to ask you to pack something else.

Me: What? How are they bothering him?

She then proceeded to start talking about how her son was complaining about my daughters lunches smelling terrible, and that he thought it was disgusting. She also said her son didn’t eat most of his lunch because he was so grossed out.

Me: Okay…I understand your son doesn’t like the smell, but can’t he just sit somewhere else?

Debra: Are you kidding me? My son shouldn’t have to put up with whatever crap you make your daughter bring to this school. It’s disgusting!

And she started making more vaguely racist complaints, but I was fed up at this point.

Me: Listen, I understand your son might not like my daughters food, but he can very easily just not sit next to her. I’m not changing what’s in my daughters lunches because you and your kid don’t want to exist near Asian food. Fuck off.

She angrily stomped off with her kid then, and my daughter finished playing soon after, so we went home.

I talked to my husband about it, and he said that maybe I shouldn’t have told her to fuck off, to avoid her bothering us in the future. AITA?

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She really handled it


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This was $8 at Starbucks

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The father is a physicist

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Former MythBuster, Kari Byron, shilling for big oil


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S TIFU by telling my wife that I am "Woke"


I (48M) think that I may have F'd up. My wife (58F) blamed something on the "woke" and I told her that I felt myself as "woke' because I accept the LGBTQI+ demographic, and that I accept anyone regardless of race, creed, religion, or sexuality.

Needless to say we had an argument, first in a good half dozen years or so.

I love her with all myself, but feel that she's becoming more, I don't know exactly, but it feels like she's become more racist, homophobic and unaccepting in the last few years. I reckon that it all started with the Johnny Debb v Amber Herd trial. And now she's watching YouTube videos of Tarot card readers predicting the Sussexes future.

It was cool and all when she watched "ghost" videos, but now she can't even really accept that one of her BFFs from years ago is/was gay. "Just another person to help her get through her life at the time".
I'm scarred that because I feel that I'm "woke" to the world around me and acceptant of those that aren't accepted, that I fucked up our relationship. It hurts.

TL:DR My wife blamed "wokeness" on the worlds problems and I told her that I feel that I'm part of those that are "woke".

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Panel finds 9/11 defendant unfit for trial after CIA torture rendered him psychotic | Guantánamo Bay

Thumbnail theguardian.com

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This is $150 worth of food in my home village.

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1960s Hugh Thompson, the hero who stopped a massacre committed by US troops in the Vietnamese village of My Lai by landing his helicopter in the line of fire, 1968.

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Question Is there an actor in movies we are supposed to believe is tough but you just don't?


For me it's Frank Grillo. Keep seeing him in action movies and I just don't get it. He's never come off as a believable action star to me for some reason. As for women, Ruby Rose is awful and very similarly is usually cast as a hard ass when she looks as tough as damp paper. Could say the same for Brie Larson as Captain Marvel but I haven't seen her in any other similar action star roles

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Animal Science Worm that jumps from rats to slugs to human brains has invaded Southeast US


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Pokemon Adventure:The Previous Generation Chapter 69


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Maybe next time you should spend 5 seconds investigating your dumbass assumption before posting it

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(UPDATE) AITA for taking my daughter out to eat


I got home about an hour ago and was reading the comments for about 15 minutes (I'll be answering questions at the end of this post) The talk with my wife went ok-ish. I asked her what was going on. My wife was hesitant as she didn't want to have this talk at all. But finally she said she hates cooking for my daughter. She said that it was to much to go out of her way to constantly go out of her way to accommodate her and how annoying it was to always make sure the food is cooked to a certain texture and seasoned to my daughter's liking she then revealed that she stopped cooking food the way my daughter liked because our son didnt like it. She then proceeded to say that my daughter just needs to grow as it was only food and wouldn't kill her and how her being picky was just to draining. I asked why she didn't have a sit down with our kids to make some sort of compromise and she said her son needs came before my daughters. She also revealed that she had straight up stopped buying more than half of my daughters personalized grocery list because it was a waste of money and that our son what snacks that he wanted. I was dumbfounded and asked her if she was just going to let my daughter go hungry, to which she responded by sayibg all she has to do is eat the food she cooked. I asked her what was draining about putting 1 or 2 pieces of plain chicken aside. She said that I wouldn't get it because I didn't cook for my daughter like she did. Which was true as I'm at work from 5-9 and i only cook dinner on weekends, holidays and holiday breaks . She apologized to me but suggested that I should convince my daughter to eat the food she doesn't like because it would make everyone's life easier. I then asked her If she would think the same thing if it was our son and she didn't respond which was answer enough. I don't know what to do now, If she's willing to let my daughter go hungry how else would she be willing to neglect my daughter? What should I do now?

(Q-A) My daughter is in no way overweight ans she doesn't only eat junk food for vegetables she eats carrots, lettuce, corn, asparagus, and cucumbers. For fruit she eats watermelon, dragonfruit, apples, and mangos. My daughter can in fact cook. The only reason she did not is because her fall break is coming up and my wife didn't buy her entire grocery list so she saving it. Which is honestly crazy because no kid should have to worry about how much food they can eat when they're hungry. My daughter told her bio mom and she upset and is suggesting that my daughter goes to live with her. My daughter chooses who she spends the year with herself and if she wants to go I won't stop her because I don't want my daughter in a house she's being neglected in. Also I DO NOT in ANY way force my wife to cook for my daughter, in fact she insists on cooking for her, and if she came to Me and said she didn't want to cook for my daughter I would understand and wake up early to fix her food for the day or switch my schedule around. My wife goes on 1 grocery run for the entire month so if she isn't getting everything on my daughter's grocery list of course my daughter meals will be limited. I talked with My daughter and she isn't mad at my wife at all and is even pushing me to forgive her. It's frustrating cause my 16 year old daughter is trying to fix our marriage while my wife basically said she could care less about my daughter. My daughter is also willing to go grocery shopping with my wife and pay for her own food so there isn't anymore conflict. Some people were saying she might have AFRID disorder and I'm definitely going to look into it. Any advice on what course of action I should take with my wife? On one had I love her on the other I can fathom the idea of being with someone who is willing to neglect my daughter.

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Unity Apologizes To Developers After Massive Backlash, Walks Back On Forced Install Fees and Offers Regular Revenue-Sharing Model


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TIL those who pay off their credit card balance each month are known as “deadbeats” in the financial world


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Be free

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