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Highlight [Highlight] Immanuel Quickley putting in work on both ends with the late 3, steal, and nifty layup for the one man 5 point swing


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🗣 Discussion / Question 🚀🚀The Great Superstonk Census🚀🚀


I believe one of the biggest mistakes this sub ever made was when we banned sharing position size and started using XXX etc. Everybody else involved in this trade, from the DTCC to the Government knows exactly how many shares retail are holding, except for retail themselves. Maybe it was the greatest trick the shills ever pulled on us.

Meanwhile, there’s a very diligent ape over on the towel sub who is capturing all the position sizes apes are sharing with him. It’s probably the most anticipated post when he updates the results every week, and is a huge moral boost to keep buying and DRSing.

If Superstonk came up with a similar system, and removed the ban on sharing position sizes, this could be another piece of evidence to prove the existence of phantom shares. The ban on position size sharing doesn’t even make sense, since we allow the sharing of DRS’d positions.

This census would be specifically for non DRS’d shares.

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Highlight [Highlight] Pat Bev gives the finger wag to Lebron James

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👽 Shitpost Numbers don’t lie

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Kevin Durant tonight, despite the win: 16/8/4 on 5/18 shooting


Not that great of a showing tonight from Kevin Durant in his return game.


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💻 Computershare DRS/CTB/NFT BOT UPDATES-- 2023-03-30 02:56:3 #FEEDTHEBOTS


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News [Bodner] After the game, James Harden spoke of his Achilles soreness: "I don't know where it came from. It's been bothering me for some months, I would say. I just wanted to continue to play on it. There was one point in the last game I played it was just really unbearable."


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Gamestop Marketplace Collection Secured

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[Caplan] Jason Kidd had “a great conversation” with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving on Monday in Indiana and “felt as a group we were going in the right direction — but it didn’t last long.” “Maybe we’re going to have to add some more players to that meeting so they can play well, too.”


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🤡 Meme Cede & Co and DTCC can’t be happy about their dirty laundry being aired in audited public financial statements.

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Jrue Holiday has 4 career 40+ point games (regular season and playoffs). He's had three of them with the Bucks



Jrue Holiday's only 40+ point game that didn't come with the Bucks was with the Pelicans when he scored 41 points in Game 4 of the 2018 playoffs against the Blazers in the first round.

He had 51 points vs the Pacers tonight

40 points vs the Celtics on February 14th, 2023

40 points vs the Pelicans on December 17th, 2021

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Macroeconomics Don't these dumb journalists know Citadel Securities shorts US Treasuries? In essence Ken Griffin has become so wealthy through causing banks to accumulate unrealized losses on their bonds. Would anyone go so far as to say he has caused banks to collapse?

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Since January 23, the Hawks are 0-7 when 1 game above .500 and 8-0 when 1 game below .500


They have been within 1 game of .500 for 30 consecutive games. Lord help whatever team tries to disrupt their equilibrium.

All I know is that they're gonna go to 7 games in round 1 because that's just how it has to be.

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☁ Hype/ Fluff Hedgies Are Fuk

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Chris Paul tonight: 19/3/6/2 stls with 0 TO on (7-15) shooting


He had a great game and come up big in the fourth with the scoring and passes he made. He took care of the ball and was active defensively which helped the Suns win despite KD having an off night.

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🤡 Meme the fuckery continues, and it's confirming my rock hard bias

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🤡 Meme 10K is here fellows

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👽 Shitpost My wife says I'm not funny... Which is fine, I wouldn't want her to think I'm joking, anyway...

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Btw I got married last Saturday!

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👽 Shitpost Maybe people would be more pissed off if the news showed the profits instead of just the fines.

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Bought at GameStop My favorite type of Gamestop receipt

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☁ Hype/ Fluff I’m lighting the fuse

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Buy more add more pressure

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🧱 Market Reform SEC Alert! SEC proposes (OPEN for comment) to continue collecting information for “Rule 15c3-1”, which requires brokers-dealers to have at all times sufficient liquid assets to meet their current liabilities, particularly the claims of customers.



Rule 15c3-1

Requires brokers-dealers to have at all times sufficient liquid assets to meet their current liabilities, particularly the claims of customers. The rule facilitates the monitoring of the financial condition of broker-dealers by the Commission and the various self-regulatory organizations.

  • It is estimated that broker-dealer respondents registered with the Commission and subject to the collection of information requirements of Rule 15c3-1 incur an aggregate annual time burden of approximately 70,137 hours to comply with this rule and an aggregate annual cost burden of approximately $135,167.
  • Broker-dealers must have at all times (including intraday) sufficient net capital to meet the haircut requirements of the Capital Rule before taking on any new proprietary positions, even if the intention of the firm is to liquidate or cover the positions before the end of the same day.
  • Broker-dealers are expected to be able to demonstrate moment to moment compliance with the Capital Rule.
  • Rule 15c3-1 does not contain record retention requirements.
  • Compliance is Mandatory
  • The required records are available only to the examination staff of the Commission and the self-regulatory organization of which the broker-dealer is a member.


30 days from 3/30/2023

e-mail: [PRA_Mailbox@sec.gov](mailto:PRA_Mailbox@sec.gov) subject: [SEC File No. 270-197, OMB Control No. 3235-0200]

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👽 Shitpost So how much of that $2.4 billion is earmarked for this sub?

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Bought at GameStop Receipt porn inspired by yesterday’s 10-K release. Power to the Players.

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Bought at GameStop there's no Gamestop stores in uk, so i bought gamestopNFT to support the company, here's the receipt 🙂

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