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OMG my gym has so many creeps - Starter Pack NSFW

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Foreigners actively “promoting hate” against the primary user base on Reddit: not just allowable but encouraged. Americans asking foreigners why they’re so desperate to hang out with us on our websites if we suck so hard: that’s literally racism and entirely unacceptable hate speech and harassment.

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Destiny Destiny on people being insecure as the reason for the over reaction


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I am not sure how people feel about Monte or Thorin, but after listening to todays "Summoning Insight" video, I'm disgusted.


TLDR; Monte soapboxes in the middle of Summoning Insight about how we the fans are responsible for advertising in LCS and how we should be giving money to LCS and content creators, despite current heavy layoffs.

I should also begin with I already have a pre disposition towards Monte, because of his careless handling of a team, which I know a lot of people may disagree with. But I have always continued to try to support all esports content, because I enjoy esports and everyone trying to bring attention to the scene is helping in some way.

Todays video had a random rant (which can be found here https://youtu.be/BUonqUxQpqE?t=5345) and I have timestamped it to begin at the start of it.

He starts by complaining about fans that are angry with ads in LCS. The idea being that this is the fault of the fans because it's the only way they can get funding. It's a semi flawed logic, from both sides. But it devolves further into twitch subs, thanking people for supporting it etc and if they supported. He also says some stuff about how people throw millions of dollars at Tyler1 but not One of his remarks is (paraphrasing)
'You guys will pay 20 dollars a month for Netflix which u barely use but wont pay for LCS content which u use twice as much'.

'What you guys do is you go to Tyler1, and you chuck millions of dollars at him ... you simp for streamers but you wont spend a single cent to support real content'

Followed by another gem when going over how they should sub or buy products from sponsors

'you guys are sitting on these fucking 6 figure computer programming salaries, like, pony up, let's go'

It's so tone deaf. With nation wide lay offs, especially among tech industry jobs... I think anything Monte is apart of I just can't listen to or watch anymore.

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Destiny Destiny Doesn't Think a Woman's Nudes Being Leaked is Much Worse Than a Man's


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I’ve been eating meat twice a day for three weeks and I’m still iron deficient. NSFW


My girlfriend has never been happier though. And next week should cure my anaemia.

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Destiny Destiny's thoughts on Ludwig's Atrioc response


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Discussion Is GoW: Ragnarok’s pacing extremely inconsistent?


I’m about ten hours into GoW: Ragnarok and the pacing is all over the place in my opinion. It’s still a pretty impressive game, and the combat is fun when it’s happening, but it feels like the amount of environmental puzzles has increased fivefold and the game just assaults you with nonstop lore. Again, none of this is bad, but it negatively affects the pacing. Does this continue through the rest of the game from here on out?

I enjoyed GoW last gen for sure, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played it so I can’t quite remember if it was the same way in the prior game, but it didn’t feel that way. Just curious of everyone’s opinion!

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Celebrities who died too young: What they would look like today, according to AI


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MEME [Show] Cave fight facts

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Flaired Users Only So much for following the science.

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We shouldn't give crying the power we give it


Certain people are just emotional and girls especially will cry at the drop of a hat, in a lot of ways it's the healthy thing to do instead of bottling things up but at the same time it can be used as a tool of manipulation because it immediately inspires sympathy from others.

If something made someone cry it's probably a bad thing but we need to learn to look past the tears and see objectively whether or not it's really as bad as it's made out to be. Something that makes one person cry another person in the same situation might shrug off as nothing and both could be valid responses.

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My dad, grandad, great grandad, great great grandad all look the same almost

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Ist China eurer Meinung nach eine Diktatur?


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Meme 💩 “Doctor” revoke his license, Canada

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Question Who has it harder in Singapore, men or women?


Recently debated this with some friends and although most of us agreed that men have it harder some of my friends said that women have it harder. I would agree that in other parts of the world where safety is a huge issue that women have it harder, but in Singapore where crime rates are extremely low in comparison to the rest of the world with the mandatory conscription that males have to go through with I don’t see how women can have it harder than men in Singapore.

EDIT: For the people who are telling me to grow up, the purpose of me asking this question is to better understand everybody’s viewpoint and learn from it so thanks for the replies guys!

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Controversial This definitely fits here 👍

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Rant Stop using /r/sysadmin to do the basics of your job


So often people come here with tier 1 issues trying to goad people to handhold them through the entire process.

So often people come here with "I got new job, how do I do my job?" questions that really worry me for how basic they are or how unable they are even to do step 1 of their job.

Theres nothing wrong with weird issues, difficult fixes, new broad issues and information being shared but when its someone asking you to do the basics of their job, or unable to even convey the issue they're having... its worrying.

Its also clear that a lot of people are doing a huge amount of things "just because" rather than doing any sort of identfication or understanding of the issue at all.

Or the classic, "I need a tool that does everything for me but I have no specifics it needs to do" which are effectively "Is there a tool that does my entire job?"

Just like with users, theres a point where people have to start asking "When am I just doing the job you're paid for rather than just 'help'" and its frustrating to see people do zero research and immediately dump the issue into /r/sysadmin to do all of the legwork when its clear they haven't even googled the basics.

At what point is the handholding going to just be seen for what it is, literally doing other peoples jobs that they're unwilling to do themselves?

Because theres a line and over time more and more posts are well beyond it.

edit: lul at peple thinking this applies to every request for help. Learn to read gud-er. That is the catch 22 here. People who need to read this won't and people who probably don't need to read it, will.

If you refuse to do the research, even basic googling, then you're a shitter who is just making other people do their own job.

People helping with every single step to basic things are not actually helping in the long run. They're just giving all the answers to a test and keep doing so when the person they're 'helping' refuses to do anything for themselves.

Teach a man to fish etc etc

Instead, theres people who just come here everytime they're hungry because its easier than having to figure it out themselves.

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News Ta medijska tišina je naravnost srhljiva

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Can we as Ravens fans stop doing shit like this please? This guy sucks. The GOAT retires and the first thing he thinks of is Lamar Jackson. Unbelievable.

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Opinion Keeping all her traits aside I feel as an actor Kangana could also be a very good choice for a solo female spy movie/series in the YRF Spy Universe


Her acting is top notch tho

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Walker Kessler is only a rookie and is already putting up prime Gobert numbers on defense while also having a better FG% on offense


Gobert's best FG% in any season was 71.3% while Kessler is at 71.5% this season. Kessler also isn't strictly limited to dunks and has a muuuuch better layup package than Rudy who hasn't had a layup FG% better than 56% since 2015

Kessler's Layup FG%: 66.2%

Gobert's Layup FG% in his best season: 60.5%

As for defense and rim protection, Kessler is already putting up numbers like the years Gobert won DPOY. Opponents are shooting 12.6% worse inside 6ft against Kessler while only 6.8% worse against Gobert this season and his best was -13.6% in 2021

. Kessler Gobert (2023) Gobert (2021 DPOY) Gobert (2019 DPOY) Gobert (2018 DPOY)
dFG% inside 6ft 52.8% 57% 49.3% 52.3% 50.6%
Overall dFG% 46.6% 46.4% 41.3% 44.9% 44.1%

source: https://www.nba.com/stats/players/defense-dash-lt6?Season=2022-23

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Pewdiepie Ain't wrong

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Destiny Destiny's Response to Poki's Tweet


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General Discussion Since the current season is giving me drag race blue balls I’m watching AS2, who is up for discussing somethings? For example what the hell was wrong with Micheal.. she was very aggressive, why was phi phi not learning that she was so obviously sabotaging again 😂 I did enjoy Roxxy though.

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