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Info/FAQ New and returning player guides. Everything you ever wanted to know!


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Info/FAQ LIGHTFALL | SEASON OF DEFIANCE | Info & Question Thread


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Meme / Humor 98+X=100, solve for X

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Discussion Darin De Paul, voice actor for Calus, appreciation post. He does an incredible job as the Emperor and wanted to share the love.

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Meme / Humor How does Calus (and the Cabal at large) anatomically pronounce letters and words that require your lips to be together? Like, M, P, and F

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Meme / Humor What are we supposed to do for the next 50 days


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Question What's the point of these chests any more?


Am I missing something? They don't even give glimmer any more so I don't understand why they still exist

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Discussion does anyone know what is it with disciples and long ass heads


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Meme / Humor Every time I hear Jisu Calerondo chime in for NCN, this is who I envision:

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-100 social credit Y'all need to chill lmfao

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Meme / Humor Business as usual

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Discussion Where is this armor piece actually applicable? I’d love to use it for higher level content but can’t really think of any build for it

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Meme / Humor The hell just happened?


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Meme / Humor It's my forbearance birthday!!

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Meme / Humor Why did Cayde take his ghost out during this scene? Is he stupid?

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SPOILERS Going back and watching Zavala's character trailer, it hits twice as hard now :(

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Tips / Hints Lightfall + Season 20 Overview - Secrets / Collectibles and more


First, please excuse the errors in the text. I am from Germany and learned no English in school over 30 years ago (yes, I am old). Almost everything was translated by various online tools, and I'm pretty sure that the grammar and spelling is probably very poor.


Lightfall features a new location: Neomuna which has a lot of stuff to discover such as Region Chests, Action Figures, Apogee Repeaters, secret events, etc. In this thread, I’ve provided an overview of all these little secrets in video guide form. Most of these videos are my own videos. Mostly, you can select between single-location videos or an all-in-one video for the specific task.


New Landing Zones

After you beat the campaign and reach reputation Rank 11 with Nimbus, you’ll unlock two additional landing zones (one in Liming Harbor, and one in the Hall of Heroes).

Region Chests

Each zone (Zephyr Concourse, Ahimsa Park and Liming Harbor) has 3 Region Chests. If you collect all 9 Chests, you obtain the Neptune's Bounty triumph.

Lost Sectors

Secret Events

There are 3 secret events on Neomuna. Most of these events take place in the current Vex Incursion Zone, which rotates weekly. If you complete all 3 events, you get the The City and the Mystery triumph.

There is one more event on Neomuna that is extremely rare. You can see it on the map marked with Vex Strike Force Incoming! - For completing this event, you get the Supernumerary Blitz triumph and a guaranteed exotic drop.

Apogee Repeaters

Apogee Repeaters are collectibles that were unlocked for everyone after the World’s First raid completion. There are 39 Apogee Repeaters on Neomuna and you get some triumphs / reputation for all. Also, if you still need Strand Meditations, it rewards a small amount of those as well.

Some of them are very difficult to reach. I recommend you either play with the Strand subclass (for the Grapple) or wait until the Vex Incursion zone is in the corresponding zone because then there are more platforms available for you to use.

Action Figures

There are 9 Action Figures on Neomuna. For all 9 Action Figures you get the They're not Dolls triumph, which is also part of the Lightfall Title Virtual Fighter. You can place the Action figures in a room near the Strider's Gate landing zone. Jump down from the spawn building and head to the right side, where you can enter a building / room where you can place it (You see this room at the beginning of both the all-in-one video and the single Strider's Gate video.)

Maelstrom Quest

For this quest you have to bond with 2 Strand Sources ("bonding" meaning interacting with the little Strand things that give you strong Strand cooldowns for a little while). This can be a bit annoying: these Strand Sources are in Public Zones and typically on a long cooldown, and other Guardians can collect these Sources too. You need a lot of patience for this quest step. It can be very frustrating. You can find the Strand Sources to bond with in the current Vex Incursion Zone (rotates weekly).

However, there is a small trick you can use to speed up your progress. Find a source, switch to a Strand subclass, interact with the Source, switch to another subclass and interact again. (You can see this trick at the end of both the Zephyr Concourse and Ahimsa Park videos.)

Root of Nightmares (Raid)

In the newest raid, you can find 2 hidden chests, a guaranteed red border chest, and 10 lore book collectibles.

Hidden Chests


There are 5 Lore books on the ground, 2 in the secret chests and 1 in the guaranteed red border chest. Numbers 9 and 10 are both time-gated behind your subsequent completions in week 2 and week 3, respectively.


Credits to /u/pryanie for these awesome maps! There are two versions, one version with all explanation and a clean version.

Encounter Guides

All single encounter video are from gmeiners

Season of Defiance (Season 20)

Season 20 is a typical filler season on a DLC release. Currently, we only have the new exotic mission, which has a couple known secrets.

Node.Ovrd.Avalon Exotic Mission

If you finish the mission on any difficulty, you obtain the new Exotic Glaive Vexcalibur. In this mission, there are also 7 hidden chests that contain 7 triumphs and 3 intrinsic perks for the Glaive. There are also 3 different Catalysts for the weapon, but to obtain these Catalysts, you have to play on Legend difficulty. (3 runs for all 3 Catalysts).

To interact with the puzzles behind the secret chest, you need the Glaive mods, which are provided by quests at the War Table in the H.E.L.M.

There are also 7 Data Retrieval Triumphs in the mission, listed below in order. 3 of these contain unlockable intrinsic perks for the Vexcalibur: those are listed below in parentheses ().

  • Substrate (Intrinsic Perk)
  • Aberrant Subject
  • Disposal Subject
  • Hard Data Deposit
  • Quarantine Subject (Intrinsic Perk)
  • Cannonball
  • Accurate Prediction (Intrinsic Perk)

Personal Note:

That's it for now with the overview. If you have any questions, just ask them. This thread involved a lot of work over several days.

If you want to support my work and videos, that would be great. Due to Bungie's constant content deletion, I unfortunately have problems earning enough money through the videos to pay all my bills and am dependent on external help.

So I'm looking for people to support me so that we can continue our adventure on Youtube / Reddit and help people.

Big Thanks to /u/Sequel_P2P who has corrected the texts now for a better english <3

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Meme / Humor My clan did some experimenting their results may surprise you!


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Tips / Hints You can use Winterbite or any glaive to level up your other weapons


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Tips / Hints If you stick touch of flame solar grenades to the ceiling, it rains down death.


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Meme / Humor Bungie on their way to increase the GM cap to 1900 for April Fool's:


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Discussion This GL is kinda cool ngl


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Meme / Humor I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!


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Meme / Humor Caball

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I'm not sorry.

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Meme / Humor Sad but true

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Art / Fashion Hey here's my version of Deep Stone Lullaby :)


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Media 💔 | RIP OG Fireteam.