r/memes Feb 01 '23

My bf sent me this and its exactly accurate 😂




u/AuthorSarge Feb 01 '23

How often does your BF argue with his wife? 🤔


u/5L1Mu5L1M Breaking EU Laws Feb 01 '23

Might wanna check out her profile

I wanna say as often as he likes he IG post


u/MonikaKingaa Feb 01 '23

Depending which wife since he has several


u/ButterscotchStill449 Feb 02 '23

Idk now if we should feel jealous of him, or press F for wallet


u/A-Need-For-Weed Feb 02 '23

press F for wallet


u/xd_BlanK Feb 01 '23

I would rather just stay single or dead if i gotta deal with that on a daily basis for conversing


u/The-Catatafish Feb 02 '23

Nah, this is not normal. People who out up with that just date a toxic lunatic. Normal women don't do this.


u/FieldMarshalEpic Feb 02 '23

Good news: serious arguments are usually pretty rare, unless something’s gone pretty wrong


u/Astarothhunter Feb 02 '23

Are you sure? Extreme doubt


u/FieldMarshalEpic Feb 02 '23

If you’re having this issue all the time in your relationship, maybe you need to reevaluate your relationship


u/Astarothhunter Feb 02 '23

I'm happily single since the last spat on last Valentines due since I was busy literally all day due to work. I was planning to make it to her on the 15th, but she was not having it. So I let her go!


u/Damian-WorldDevourer Feb 01 '23

The argument was weather or not he could sleep outside without freezing to death.


u/WaveLaVague Feb 02 '23

Or just, whether he could sleep outside after arguing


u/2hundred20 Feb 02 '23


u/Mr_Ios Feb 02 '23

Nono, theirs was about husbands beating their wives to show their love.

This is either Gen X or millenials.


u/DxExAxD Feb 01 '23

"toxic gf" unlocked


u/AbilityFit6098 Feb 02 '23

The whole idea of ​​kicking your partner out of bed is ridiculous


u/17FeretsAndaPelican Feb 01 '23

Has anyone ever allowed their spouse to kick them out of the house or sleep on the couch. If so... why? If my wife's in a pissy she's sleeping on the sofa not me


u/DontcheckSR Feb 01 '23

Ya that always confused me. If I've ever needed space I was the one who went to the couch and my fiance will offer the bed. Then eventually we work it out before actually sleeping lol hard to go to sleep mad at the person you love


u/xJaace Feb 02 '23

How do you even get mad at the person you love?


u/DontcheckSR Feb 02 '23

Sometimes people make you mad. It happens and it's normal. You're not gonna get along with someone ALL the time. What's important is that you don't take that anger out on the other person and communicate in a healthy and mature manner so that you can put it behind you and hopefully prevent it from happening again


u/xJaace Feb 02 '23

I get a little annoyed or frustrated maybe. I could never get mad or angry


u/DontcheckSR Feb 03 '23

Well me and my fiance are both sensitive so we can get annoyed and frustrated if the right button is pushed. That being said congrats on having a relationship where you're never mad at the other


u/fr0styspice Feb 02 '23

it used to make me soooo mad when my husband and I would fight and he would go to bed early and have no trouble sleeping. I'd be mad af sitting next to him at 3am watching him peacefully sleep. thinking about slapping him real hard and turning over like I didn't do it. (those intrusive thoughts haven't won......... never say never tho)


u/[deleted] Feb 02 '23

Same. Men I’ve known seem to sleep through anything. Totally infuriating. Don’t they know that we Need to Talk? Lol /s


u/blankusername121 Feb 02 '23

Blah blah blah something about happy wife happy life blah blah blah. My backs gonna hurt but spoils of victory I suppose


u/yorgismcshlorgis Feb 01 '23

That doesn't sound healthy


u/YoloAddict69 Feb 02 '23

Its a joke


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23



u/Lazy__Astronaut Professional Dumbass Feb 01 '23

Wife bad

Ah yes, the very deep and difficult to work out age old hilarious joke


u/carfo Feb 01 '23

why so negative? it was a funny comment based on the way you contextualized the post. just laugh.


u/eDougietv Feb 01 '23

Why is he still with you is he trapped by a kid or something?


u/ArmsForPeace84 Feb 01 '23

Under the stars with the floof and the comforter.

Worth it.


u/Parking_Cartoonist90 Feb 01 '23


u/velofille Feb 02 '23

This is exactly where it belongs. its the kinda shit i expect from my over 60s friends :D


u/Mallenaut Feb 01 '23

OP, if this accurate for your behaviour towards your bf, then you're toxic.


u/MonikaKingaa Feb 02 '23

this sense of humor is accurate


u/Khunzar-ri Dirt Is Beautiful Feb 01 '23

See you next year with single memes


u/maDhav_K7mAR Feb 01 '23

But at what cost


u/[deleted] Feb 02 '23

What the hell did the dog do? Dogs can't even talk!


u/The-Catatafish Feb 02 '23

If that is true.. Nice self report on your part.

I feel sorry for your boyfriend.

Hopefully, one day he will have a normal relationship and find someone that isn't toxic.


u/Set_A_Precedent Feb 01 '23

Ain’t nobody about to kick me out of my bed

You’re too mad to sleep with me? Okay, then YOU can sleep on the couch

The whole concept of kicking your partner out of the bed is ridiculous. What, y’all gonna argue in your sleep or something?


u/Vortex5000 Nice meme you got there Feb 02 '23

bro are y'all okay? do you need some divorce papers? this is literally top tier r/arethestraightsok material


u/chippythehippie Feb 02 '23

Damn I wonder how many times YOUVE slept outside after winning an argument

Try it, see how it feels :)


u/gary_juicy Feb 02 '23

I’ve won, but at what cost?


u/xJaace Feb 02 '23

Fuck that she lost so she’s the one outside


u/escapedpsycho Feb 02 '23

I've never got the whole go sleep on the couch thing (let alone outside). My fiancee and I have gone to bed angry more than a few times but we've still shared a bed.


u/Roel-5 Feb 02 '23

What the dog doing?


u/20_ZERO Flair Loading.... Feb 02 '23

Your poor bf


u/WhiteKingCat Feb 02 '23

Who is that?


u/Letsgooooooo111111 Feb 01 '23 edited Feb 01 '23

Me who has nobody to fight with : Suffering from success


u/1Robinio Feb 01 '23

Blanket? Check! The doggos? CHECK! Nice and quiet and nobody keeps nagging? Check! Problem? None.


u/Letsgooooooo111111 Feb 01 '23

Soldier won the battle


u/RadiatonKidd Feb 01 '23

But it's whoever bought the house. So basically its a competition for who owns what


u/DeathByPolka Feb 01 '23

Jesus this is my married life in a meme.


u/AlreadyBackLOL Feb 01 '23

Hah, men let their wives rule over them.


u/Bulky-Hyena-360 Feb 02 '23

If I ever get a lover, I’m banishing THEM to the couch.


u/Mista_Cash_Ew Feb 02 '23

I hate the stereotype of the guy having to sleep on the couch or out of the bed. Why can't they just sleep anyway or why can't the woman go instead?


u/venmome10cents Feb 02 '23

this is me after an argument on reddit


u/dank_doge11111 Feb 02 '23

in 20 years this man will want to destroy the world because of you. why super villian backgrounds gotta be so ghat dayumn relatable or easy to understand?


u/[deleted] Feb 02 '23

People who say they'd rather be happy than right have never experienced the pure bliss of being both (as exemplified by this meme).


u/Kalelopaka- Feb 02 '23

Never have had to sleep outside or on a couch since I’ve been married. I don’t think we’ve ever really argued, we’ve had disagreements on things, but nothing major.