r/memes Feb 01 '23

My bf sent me this and its exactly accurate 😂



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u/17FeretsAndaPelican Feb 01 '23

Has anyone ever allowed their spouse to kick them out of the house or sleep on the couch. If so... why? If my wife's in a pissy she's sleeping on the sofa not me


u/DontcheckSR Feb 01 '23

Ya that always confused me. If I've ever needed space I was the one who went to the couch and my fiance will offer the bed. Then eventually we work it out before actually sleeping lol hard to go to sleep mad at the person you love


u/xJaace Feb 02 '23

How do you even get mad at the person you love?


u/DontcheckSR Feb 02 '23

Sometimes people make you mad. It happens and it's normal. You're not gonna get along with someone ALL the time. What's important is that you don't take that anger out on the other person and communicate in a healthy and mature manner so that you can put it behind you and hopefully prevent it from happening again


u/xJaace Feb 02 '23

I get a little annoyed or frustrated maybe. I could never get mad or angry


u/DontcheckSR Feb 03 '23

Well me and my fiance are both sensitive so we can get annoyed and frustrated if the right button is pushed. That being said congrats on having a relationship where you're never mad at the other