r/memes Feb 01 '23

My bf sent me this and its exactly accurate πŸ˜‚



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u/17FeretsAndaPelican Feb 01 '23

Has anyone ever allowed their spouse to kick them out of the house or sleep on the couch. If so... why? If my wife's in a pissy she's sleeping on the sofa not me


u/fr0styspice Feb 02 '23

it used to make me soooo mad when my husband and I would fight and he would go to bed early and have no trouble sleeping. I'd be mad af sitting next to him at 3am watching him peacefully sleep. thinking about slapping him real hard and turning over like I didn't do it. (those intrusive thoughts haven't won......... never say never tho)


u/[deleted] Feb 02 '23

Same. Men I’ve known seem to sleep through anything. Totally infuriating. Don’t they know that we Need to Talk? Lol /s