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Recommendation What is the Best Film You Watched Last Week? (05/24/23-05/31/23)


The way this works is that you post a review of the best film you watched this week. It can be any new or old release that you want to talk about.

{REMINDER: The Threads Are Posted Now On Wednesday Mornings. If Not Pinned, They Will Still Be Available in the Sub.}

Here are some rules:

1. Check to see if your favorite film of last week has been posted already.

2. Please post your favorite film of last week.

3. Explain why you enjoyed your film.

4. ALWAYS use SPOILER TAGS: [Instructions]

5. Best Submissions can display their [Letterboxd Accts] the following week.

Last Week's Best Submissions:

Film User/[LB/Web*] Film User/[LB/Web*]
“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” vatisitgrandpapa “The Man Who Knew Too Little” paradisegardens2021
"How to Blow Up a Pipeline” Slartibartfast102 “Opera” (1987) [DuncanShields]
“Fall” (2022) [mikeyfresh] “House” (1977) [RStorm]
“RRR” Shadow_Log “Sorcerer” [SethETaylor.com*]
“Braven” Jade_GL “Yellow Submarine” (1968) [jcar195]
"Before Midnight” WalkingEars "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” an_ordinary_platypus
“The Descendants” [WhyYu95] “The Night of the Hunter” [Namdoogrules]
“Paul McCartney — The Space Within Us” [Tilbage i Danmark*] "The Bigamist” maoterracottasoldier
“Memories of Murder” [smoaktrees] “Pat and Mike” fatcolin123
“Drop Dead Gorgeous” [mfahms] “Citizen Kane” [dommull]

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Official Discussion Official Discussion Megathread (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse / The Boogeyman)


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News Walt Disney's Pixar Targets 'Lightyear' Execs Among 75 Job Cuts


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News Studio Ghibli President Toshio Suzuki says there'll be no trailers or further promotion for Hayao Miyazaki's 'How Do You Live?' before its Japanese release on July 14


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Discussion Contact (1997)


For those of you born in the '90s or after this movie was made, I highly recommend a viewing. The themes the movie goes over are still valid and the the film is not dated like many mid-90s films.

On par with Interstellar in my opinion.

If you enjoy cinema that deals with alien contact, religion, how society would cope with that contact and human relationships this movie is for you. Plus peak Jodie Foster and a young, Matthew McConaughey.

Captivating on so many levels.

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Question What is one seemingly insignificant scene or character in a movie that you just can't get out of your mind?


I honestly haven't rewatched Dances With Wolves in over 20 years, but I vividly remember that scene when the fat man approves Kevin Costner's transfer request near the beginning of the movie.

The strange dialogue: "I quickly deduced that you were an Indian lover. I did not get to this position by being stupid.", "You think I don't know?" "No sir, it's just that I don't know." "I've just pissed in my pants, and nobody can do anything about it!"

The fat man's mannerism are just strange: The way he takes a bite out of that biscuit (or whatever) and shakes his jowls. The way he hurriedly scribbles the approval letter. The way he mockingly returns Kevin Costner's salute in disdain.

That whole scene is etched into my memory for some odd reason. The funny thing is that it could be removed from the movie entirely and it really wouldn't affect the story at all.

  • Edit: The actor's name is the late Maury Chaykin. He's been living rent-free in my head for so long. I should at least show him some respect.

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Discussion What is your least favorite movie that everyone else seems to love?


Could be the critics, audiences, friends, family or strangers on the street. They like/love it - you don’t.

What is your least favorite movie that everyone else seems to love, but you do not?

it might just be underwhelming, it might be disappointing or perhaps it is down right bad, but others apparently fail to see the faults that you see in the movie

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Discussion Glenn Close had to get a major make-over so she could be seen as sexy enough to play Alex Forrest in FATAL ATTRACTION. Before playing the iconic "Bunny Boiler", she was typecast as the mom.


I once recall an interview she did where she was asked to play Jane for GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN LORD OF APES. She was excited until she found out they wanted her to dub Andie MacDowell since Andie MacDowell's Southern drawl made it impossible for her to be convincing as the British Jane.

She was more ambitious when it came to play Alex so she went through an extensive makeover which included a perm (which I wish she had kept for a longer time) and sexier outfits. She was also forty, a age which was seen as the end for actresses however Glenn Close made her first film when she was 35 so she was defying the odds from the start.

She got the part and the rest was history. A younger, and probably lesser actress, would have made Alex entertaining yet forgettable. It's a testament of Close's prowess she was able to bring complexity and nuance into the part of a obsessive stalker.

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Media Michael Shannon Breaks Down His Career (One of my favorite actors)


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News ‘Blood Meridian’: John Hillcoat Says Cormac McCarthy Is Writing The Adaptation Of The Bloody, Bleak Western


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News Gary Kent, one of several models for Brad Pitt's Oscar-winning performance in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," has died at age 89


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News Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ Trying to Kick Christopher Nolan Off of Premium Screens


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Discussion Who just didn’t stick as ‘the next big thing’ despite Hollywood’s best attempts.


Following on from the best leading man thread.

Who do you think just didn’t stick, no matter how hard (especially how hard) Hollywood tried.

Mine pick has to be Miles Teller or Worthington, neither are terrible but both were everywhere for a while and neither really became a leading man.

Sounds like Worthington has Damon to thank for the endless sequels of Avatar so he’s going to be relevant for while at least.

*next big thing. Guess I’m talking next Pitt, Cruise or even Bale etc.

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Question Movie recommendations like Prisoners (2013)?


Hello everyone!
I just finished watching Prisoners (2013) and every single thing about this incredible movie struck me: starting from the acting to the dialogues, the unpredictable plot, the photography, the accuracy of details, and the concepts and symbols...

Does anyone have any recommendations for other movies like this one? Thanks

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Discussion Opinion: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is Steven Spielberg's greatest film.


Steven Spielberg made one of the greateat films of all time - "Jaws". An absolute masterpiece of filmmaking. A true lightning in a bottle. Rarely do we see a film reach such heights in terms of the quality of the editing, acting, cinematography, score, and suspension-building.

Now, the plot of the film revolves around three men who set out to hunt down a man-eating shark that's claimed the waters near the shores of a small touristy island as his own. What Spielberg does is to paint a mesmerising study of the men's relationship aboard the ship, "Orca". They are three different people from different walks of life who however have to join their forces against a mutual enemy.

I am hardly capable of giving justice to that film, or even its thrilling climax alone.

However, it was not until the year 1981 that Spielberg really came into his own - commercially and artistically. With, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" he actually pulled off something that would have seemed impossible at the time - he surpassed his own masterpiece.

"Raiders" is the pinnacle of adventure and action cinema alike. Set in the 1930's, the film follows an American archaeologist across multiple continents as he tries to beat the Nazis in a race to obtain the powerful Ark of the Covenant.

In my view, "Raiders", constitutes an example of a perfect film. A brilliant cast with a superb score, cinematography, editing, writing and so forth, makes Raiders stand out amongst Spielberg's works. Intended as a homage to the old movie serials of the 1930's, the film not only captures the essence of the genre, but expands upon it, making for a brilliant piece of cinema.

In my view, "Raiders" constitutes Spielberg's greatest work, and I am baffled that it's not seen as such. Why? Why would that be the case?

I wonder, would you disagree or agree with me? Do you share my view? What are yours on this topic? Would you say that, "Raiders", is by far Spielberg's best work?

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Discussion Gen X equivalent of Pacino and DeNiro?


Movie fans for years yearned for Al and Bobby to appear on screen together, then finally got their wish in 1995 with "Heat." What is the equivalent in today's 40something actors who have yet to costar in a movie. My personal favorite is Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix. Agree, disagree and discuss....

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Discussion 'Bullet Train' (2022) is an extremely entertaining and the cast shines, led by Brad Pitt at his magnetic best.


I regret not watching 'Bullet Train' in theatres because it is a movie made to be seen with an audience. It' a thriller-comedy if you will, with a healthy dose of stylish action and abundance of style. When you watch an action film these days, most times you gotta turn your brain off. But Bullet Train has a lot going on and keeps you engaged and thinking throughout. The plot takes quite a few turns and hence always remains unpredictable.

There are about 7-8 characters on the train, with different motives, & tasks. But they are all somehow connected to the 'White Death' a mysterious villain. All 8 of these characters leave a lasting impression.

Aaron-Taylor Johnson steals the show as Tangerine. His line deliveries are fantastic. Joey King is almost as good. The way she switches from cunning to innocent all the while maintaining a great British accent was terrific. Hiroyuki Sanada always adds gravitas whenever he enters the frame. Brian Tyree Henry & Andrew Koji are good as well. Fantastic actor as always. And leading this impressive cast is Brad Pitt.

What a run he is on. I think it's safe to call Brad Pitt the modern 'King of Cool' of cinema. Watch him in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, then Babylon & then Bullet Train and he just pulls off differing shades of cool so so well. He is a rare A-lister that just sheds the stardom around him to completely give in to the character as he does here to play the goofy Ladybug. His comic timing is excellent.

Bad Bunny, Zazie Beetz & Michael Shannon have cameos as well and they are effective too.

Have to give credit to David Leitch as well. The movie looks slick and stylish. Clearly there is a lot of Japanese influence in the set design and visuals which was welcome. The visuals were amazing.

The movie nails humor. Cannot recall an action movie being this funny in a while.

The action was above average although you do expect something even better when David Leitch is involved. But thankfully, the movie used action sparingly.

I think Bullet Train is one of the most entertaining films of the 2022.

My rating: 8/10

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Discussion The character growth moment in D&D is the kind I'm totally a sucker for [Spoilers]


The recent D&D movie was really fun, I haven't had this much enjoyment with a big blockbuster movie for a while.

There are a lot of scenes talked about, but I haven't seen people talk about this one, maybe because it's a story beat and not a big action or comedy, but it really worked for me.

It's the scene when they're on the boat, and Chris Pine got everything he wanted from the start - he got his daughter back, enough gold to live anywhere comfortably, all of his friends are safe, and he's got the tablet to resurrect his wife.

But then, he sees what the red mages planning, and he's got a choice - get everything he wanted, or do the right thing.

And you know that at the start of the movie he would keep going, but now he turns around without hesitation.

And with that, he actually loses the gold and the chance the resurrect his wife, but he gets to save the city and be a true hero.

And you can call it basic or cheesy, but it just feels so rare nowadays in big blockbusters today.

I think there are 3 things that make it work: 1. It's an active choice - it isn't something that happens to him, or he is forced or coerced to do. 2. It shows character growth, not a choice he would make at the start 3. It has consequences - choosing one thing means giving up something else, you don't get to have it all

What do you think?

Also if you got other good character choice moments please post them

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Discussion If you had a time machine, what are examples of an older movie that an actor/actress from today would have absolutely crushed that role if sent back in time?!(Example in prompt)


If there was a time machine and you could send an actor/actress back in time to portray a role. Which actor/actress would you send back and for which part?

Example 1)

Tom Holland as Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Hear me out, I'm NOT saying that he would be better than the LEGEND Michael J Fox. What I'm saying is that I feel Tom Holland would crush it as the fun energetic teen thrust back into the future!

Example 2)

Bryan Cranston as Lester Burnham in American Beauty. I think Kevin Spacey nailed the role, but almost too well.. If that's possible? But I think Bryan Cranston also could have crushed it and nailed the dark humor in that film.

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Discussion No Hard Feeling Movie Backlash


I get it, this movie has problematic themes. But it’s a comedy. No one is viewing this and thinking it’s normal or okay. I just read an entire article about how not okay the scenes in the trailer are. And while in most cases I am all for being better and staying on top of bad behavior they went as far as to call it a movie about grooming. Do we HAVE to take every single thing and turn it into something political or view it through a lens of always being on guard. People are so miserable and I think this is a big part of the problem. This is a sexual comedy not a how to for grooming or SA of any kind. We have scary movies where a serial killer runs around stabbing people too. No one thinks this isn’t okay. Or thinks it’s a how to guide or it’s problematic. There has to be some levity somewhere! Comedies in general have died down big time in the last decade and it’s because everyone is terrified to say or do something wrong. We have got to stop censoring everything. I feel like as a liberal woman I have to agree or then I’m wrong too. Isn’t this what we’re fighting against? People constantly choosing what they do and do not like and trying to censor it? If you don’t like this particular brand of humor don’t watch it. It’s that simple… Does anyone else agree or am I the only one that thinks this is going too far?

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Discussion What’s Going on With Disney’s 2023 Movie Releases?


I’m a major Disney fan but I noticed Disney’s new releases are struggling compared to their 2010’s catalogue. The Little Mermaid was solid but its floundering overseas. While time will tell about Indiana Jones and Elemental’s box office performance, they’ve received lukewarm reviews at Cannes. Guardians 3 has been the only movie that received positive reviews and a successful box office performance for Disney this year.

Has movie franchise fatigue settled in? I’m not sure Disney has any major releases this year that can make up for the recent reviews and box office performances.

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Discussion What's your personal pick-me-up movie?


You know, the movie (or movies) you can throw on when you're in a sour mood to perk yourself up. I usually reach for the Studio Ghibli whenever I need a good spirit lifter, especially Kiki's Delivery Service. This movie is just pure relaxation in animated form. If it's not Ghibli, then it's usually a slow-paced horror movie like House of the Devil or Jaws. Just something I can space out to for a while.

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Article WGA Negotiating Committee Co-Chair Chris Keyser Issues Defiant Call For Solidarity As Strike Enters Second Month; Accuses AMPTP Of Lying & Vows To Fight On Even If DGA & SAG-AFTRA Make Deals


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Media WGA UPDATE: Where We Are and Where We’re Going


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Discussion Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985)


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Discussion Favorite one-liner in film?


Have been watching a ton of films lately with some great one-liners. between alien and predator, and from scary movie to final destination 5, i can't even count the amount of amazing one-liners i've seen and heard.

from all the films y'all have seen lately, what have been your absolute favorite "one-liners"?

if it were up to me, it would be:

"if you locate a bughole.... nuke it"

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Discussion About the ending of Cabin in the Woods... (SPOILERS)


How do you feel about Marty's decision to say "fuck that" to letting himself die for the sake of saving the world and deciding it's better to just let the entire world end? Is it morally justifiable?

Honestly, I can see the appeal of just ripping the band-aid off and ending the whole cruel and miserable facade rather than just having innocent people all across the world be subjected to manufactured horrific deaths potentially for the rest of all time.