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Totally Outraged Just unsubbed from r/19684, its become a leftist political echochamber and is reusin the same old pics from like 2020

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Immigration is destroying our country,heritage, and culture.


Pew research shows that Hispanic immigrants(legal and illegal)overwhelmingly vote democrat. I’m Spanish myself and can tell you from personal experience that my family votes liberal despite having conservative values. Y’all need to wake up and start demanding an immigration moratorium. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to conserve your heritage,culture, and history. Immigrants that are coming today aren’t coming for the American dream but instead are coming to benefit themselves. Wake up people, the country you once knew is about to be no more.

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Humor Well he showed me that this game can only get much worse.

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Rate my build. One of the cleanest v6 stangs imo

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I think, He will be able to change his pants


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Knife rattling into place


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Meme We wuz kangz of the rohirrim n' sheit

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Approved B-List Users Only Taylor Swift Delivers Pride Month Message on 'Eras Tour': 'This Is a Safe Space for You:'


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Joke Post/MEME I got stuck behind the SLOWEST group today


I like to sneak out early in the morning so I can get my round done and still have time to do other things during the rest of the day. I also like playing solo, and being early is the best way I've found to be alone. The parking lot was practically deserted so I thought I had a good chance to be the first one out, but when I checked in, the pro shop guy mentioned there was another group already on the tee.

I made my way out and not only was there indeed a group there, but it was your stereotypical "early-bird foursome of old retired dudes." One of them had already hit (I could see a ball about thirty yards ahead of the tee box in the rough) and I watched the second guy duck-hook his tee shot into the water that runs parallel to the fairway. This was clearly not going to be a fast day.

I'm a little shy, but I mustered the courage to approach and ask if I could play through. The one I assume to be their leader turned around, looked me up and down, and said...

"Sure thing, no problem!"

I thanked them, hit a decent drive down the left side of the fairway, and carried on with my round. They wished me luck, I told them thanks again, and I finished my round in a tidy two hours and twenty-five minutes.

Hope everyone else has as good an experience this weekend :)

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Opinion Piece Michael Higgins: The state has no right keeping children's gender identity secret from parents


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Supporting trans, drag and other queer events


I'm really scared and angry about all the hatred going on and most of all the hateful people showing up at kids events like the drag story times. Most of these "protests" I've read about have been in other parts of Canada but i recently heard that last year there was some idiots that showed up to an event in Richmond. I go to a lot of queer and pride events and thankfully I've never witnessed anything like that in person. But I'd really like to show up if anything like that happens again. I want to be a positive presence to help ensure those events are safe.

Does anyone know if there's a way to be aware of events where people are concerned about a hateful presence showing up?

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Show Spoilers Finally watched the show and......I hate it.


This is going to be a long rant, so I'm sorry if it's all over the place.

I'll start with the things I liked first.

. The Acting was good. I'm a bit of an acting snob, and while this wasn't Oscar-worthy or anything, I thought everybody did a really good job. (except for lord Agelmar and his sister, what little we see of them was underwhelming)

. The casting likewise was very well done, they got the essence of the characters right.

Ngl, these are the only things that I can say for sure I liked completely. Everything else has at least some flaws for me.

Now for the BAD.

. The direction was choppy/clunky in the first few episodes and boring and lifeless in the remaining ones.

. The writing just wasn't that good, it was generic dialogue after generic dialogue, saved only slightly by the actors giving their all.

(A warning, I'm gonna use the word 'generic' a lot because that's what this show felt like, Generic Modern Fantasy Show no 25)

. The action was generic too, it was choreographed well enough, but it didn't fit the source material if that makes sense.

. The CGI sucked, Tar Valon looked like it came from a 2014-2015 era video game, the channeling was just generic white flows.

. The props and costumes looked fake. The clothes were entirely too clean and the props looked like plastic toys.

. The pacing of the story was really weird, they rushed where they should have slowed and slowed when they should have picked it up a bit. For example, making the Lan-Naynaeve such a big part of the show when they could have easily held it for a season, especially since they were adding so much already.

. When the Dark One first talks to Rand in a dream in the Blight they make him one of those GENERIC sarcastic baddies that are popular nowadays when he wasn't like that in the books. I hated when he said that sarcastic little "oooh" when Rand pulled his sword, in the books whenever he mocks Rand he does it in a cruel way which shows his true nature better than the show version.

The Dragon Reborn reveal was majorly underwhelming. It should have been done more cleverly, this reveal, with the quick-cut flashbacks felt like it was from some TV show aimed towards teenagers, which I don't think this show is trying to be.

. The sets were too small, and the White Tower, which is supposed to be the center of Aes Sedai power, felt more like a small waiting chamber for a bigger palace. Fall Dara was only slightly better.

. finally, and this is a bit vague, but WOT had a sense of grandness to it which was lost in the show. It felt 'enclosed' for lack of a better word.

I really wanted this show to be something great, and unless the second season increases the quality exponentially, I think it's gonna fade into obscurity which is a shame because I think the source material is some of the best fantasy novels ever written.

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Nice Stroke


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Street Vendor Thumbs Yum


I've seen flaming shots go very wrong and was expecting that here

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I’m one of the few who would prefer to RTO; please help me learn to like WFH.


I am 25 years old, single with no kids. I currently work for a small IT company. Great pay, great atmosphere. Everything about the job is wonderful. I’m still not a fan of WFH. I’ve been here for almost a year and still don’t really like it. Prior to this job I worked at Walmart for 8 years. I do occasionally go in office, but it’s merely for myself. They have no intentions of ever RTO.

Can you guys give me tips to enjoy WFH more? I have a dedicated workspace (an office room) nice and clean setup. It’s the social aspect for me that I don’t enjoy. I also seem to not focus as great at home.

I see many of you loathing the idea of going back to office, but I would actually heavily enjoy if we did. I want to live working from home, as I see how there’s many aspects of how it could be better. I just still struggle.

Thanks for any advice.

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KokoBananaMan BIMBOS performance during PRIDE EVENT


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Faire des études est une grande chance, pas un fardeau, et ne justifie pas une plus grande rémunération


Alors voilà, moi il y un truc qui me rend taré.

Systématiquement pour justifier le fait que l'ouvrier vive 7 ans de moins qu'un cadre, qu'il ait un salaire de merde, pour justifier sa propre position sociale, et in fine pour se tranquilliser sur la répartition du pouvoir dans notre société on dit "oui mais quand même hein j'ai pas fait X années d'études pour gagner X...". Et bien souvent les gens ne disent pas ça en mode "c'est le darwinisme froid et détestable du marché" mais justifient moralement les écarts de salaires importants par les études.

Sauf que :

- Les gens qui font des études sont d'ores et déjà issus de milieux plus favorisés que la moyenne (8% d'enfants d'employés et ouvriers en master alors que c'est la catégorie la plus importante parmi la population générale...)

- Les gens qui font des études supérieures ne sont pas eux mêmes ouvriers et employés ensuite après et donc vivent plus longtemps, gagnent plus

- Faire des études c'est avoir accès au delà de l'aspect purement économique à une somme importante de capital culturel qui, s'il n'est pas évaluable immédiatement en euros, est primordial dans les rapports sociaux, la concrétisation d'opportunités et plus généralement pour la culture et la compréhension du monde

En gros faire des études là aujourd'hui en France c'est déjà factuellement et sociologiquement un privilège de naissance qui permet d'acquérir d'autres privilèges.

Donc dire "oui bah heureusement quand même que je gagne 4000 euros par mois après mon bac + 5 hé, quand même !", ça revient à dire "oui bah heureusement que je suis privilégié quand même après avoir eu le privilège de faire cinq ans d'études après le bac et après avoir eu probablement le privilège d'être en filière générale au lycée lol" (oui parce que là aussi je vous invite à regarder la répartition des CSP dans la voie professionnelle et la voie générale...)

Alors qu'on se comprenne bien je suis pas pour que tout le monde gagne exactement le même salaire et je peux parfaitement admettre des écarts (dans une mesure de décence et de justice fiscale mais ça c'est un autre sujet).

Simplement l'objet de ce thread c'est vraiment l'argument bourgeois "non mais moi j'ai fait des études donc je mérite..." qui est insupportable.

Qu'en pensez vous ?

EDIT : je parle bien ici de l'argument qui vient considérer justifiée la différence de rémunération au regard des études. Egalement évidemment que "tous les gens faisant des études..." rien du tout, on ne peut pas dire "tous" sur quoique ce soit, par contre il y a des stats. Outre celles plus haut je met ICI la rémunération médiane d'un bac+4-5

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Meme💩 Y no te olvides de los "libertarios" en contra del uso de drogas, que cuando tienen sueño toman café, cuando se enferman usan antibióticos y cuando salen de joda toman alcohol 💀

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Mucho conserva disfrazado de liberal por ahí 🤭

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Happy Pride Month Everyone!

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Spoilers Unpopular opinion


I can't stand Sara. In theory I should be all about her, but I just don't like her at all. I can't quite put my finger on what it is and now over her seasons she's turned into a BEC for me.

She went into this week's challenge and pulled a Ratatoullie on these judges - all of them are used to fancy Michelin level food and then she submits a simple (and probably delicious) soup that they go crazy for. I just think it's hypocritical of them to like her dish and then say that Ali's wasn't elevated enough for the challenge.

Don't get me wrong - I think her food is better than Gabri's and she deserves to be in the finale over him, but she just irritates me! I was rooting for Ali but now hoping Buddha takes the whole thing.

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Image Life finds a way. Love finds a way. Happy Jurassic June/Pride Month ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Saying “I didn’t ask to be born” is so dumb


You didn’t get asked NOT to get born either, nobody ever looks at it that way though.

Like what was supposed to happen? We’re they supposed to ask someone who didn’t exist whether or not they should be born? NOBODY can’t give consent or receive questions. It’s as nonsensical, unproductive and unnecessary as saying “I didn’t ASK to get my diaper changed” or “I didn’t ASK to die.”

It happened, you got life. You’re living. You can’t give consent to your own birth cause you weren’t even an idea at that point.

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Blog Butler, Social Cognitive Theory, and Transgender Marxism | How Social Media can be a Site of Queer Identity Constitution

Thumbnail dilemmasofmeaning.substack.com

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Kyle | IgniteRP Riggs falls for his date


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Ei, r/brasil Sugestão: O sub deveria exibir um Banner temático LGBTQIAPN+ durante o Mês do Orgulho


Com o aumento alarmante do discurso de ódio direcionado a grupos LGBTQIAPN+, acredito ser crucial demonstrarmos solidariedade a essas comunidades que historicamente enfrentam preconceitos. Uma maneira simbolica de fazer isso seria por meio da exibição de um banner temático em honra ao Mês do Orgulho LGBTQIAPN+ no subreddit. Essa ato simbólico não apenas promoveria a inclusão e a aceitação, mas também enviaria uma mensagem poderosa de apoio a todas as pessoas LGBTQIAPN+ que frequentam o subreddit.