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SUCC-ESS Love home depot

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CUTENESS Found: update

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The little girl I found now has a best friend to grow up with.

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Lumbar spine disc prolapse surgery


30M L4/L5 disk prolapse with radiation in upper left leg and numbness in left foot. No prior surgery.

Orthopaedic doctor has already referred me to a neurosurgeon and have an appointment with them on Thursday. Orthopaedic said to 90% expect to get surgery.

Mri results say there is root irritation.

What all do I need to ask the neurosurgeon before agreeing to the surgery/confirming that I want the particular surgeon to operate?

What kind of surgery can I expect to need? How long would I likely be out of commission after? What are some things I should prepare in advance on the surgery (eg. Things around the house - 2 floors with stairs)?

Typically how soon could I resume swimming after? Will I be likely to struggle to use the toilet/wipe or shower after? What about taking baths?

Also kind of nervous about the whole thing so any information I can get before the appointment would hopefully help calm my nerves.

Anyone who has had a lumbar spine surgery, very interested in knowing your experiences as well and if there are any lessons you learned from it.

Sorry about the long post saying nothing.

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❔ Question ❔ Why are people telling me I should replace pele. Genuinely someone explain this please cos he is the most broken striker in the game, no?

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Eleanor Neale would be such a good pod! Like a Halloween or a scary story pod, love all her videos and she’s been on already 🙏🏽has to happen!

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Jenna Liston (Fmr Fox 26 Fresno) in yoga pants


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Trump When Called Out For Opening His Old Flapper

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Screenshot Hey Tygers, let's dance..


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Prize Free Apple AirTags - Win Apple AirTags on Playbite


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Humor Malenia Blade of Miquella | Elden Ring End???


Attempting Malenia for the first time Live

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Question | Help Dreambooth (in Auto1111) pausing between epochs even when configured NOT to do so


I have an old Auto1111/XFormers/DB installation that I keep only for DB training, as the newer ones have lots of problems. I've NOT changed or updated ANYTHING in this installation in the last several months. Today, trying to train a new DB model (I haven't done so for months now), the process keeps pausing for 60 seconds after each epoch of training, even when I've configured it to make 5 seconds, or 2 seconds, or even zero seconds of pause. I've tried to edit the source code and comment out the pausing routine, I've unzipped back a (zipped) backup of this installation I have, etc, and nothing works - it ALWAYS stops for one minute after each epoch. This is ILLOGICAL and I'm going crazy trying to find out what's happening. And pausing for a minute after 20 steps from a total of 2600 steps will add 130 fricking minutes of NOTHING to my training...

Does anyone have the slightest idea of what's happening? It surely seems something OUTSIDE of the installation, as I changed everything I could and even reverted back to my old zipped version.

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Pejman Ghadimi - Exotic Cars Program (Here)


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Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Complete Program)


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Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Updated)


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  • How To First Date (Friend Zone Never Again)
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Question What is Junji Ito's best work in yall's opinion?


Hey, new fan here, I just finished reading my first book of his, that of which being No Longer Human. I personally really liked it, but upon looking at this subreddit it seems to be pretty hated upon (granted, for pretty valid reasons). So I'd like to know, what work of Ito's is good?

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Discussions Daily Thread - June 04, 2023


Let it out !

Use this daily thread to express what's on your mind or vent out your feelings.

Just say out loud what you want to say and relax.

Talk about anything you would love to do.

Have a nice day !

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Art Macho Mon.

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Mission accomplished

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DaFu Murdered Classics


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What would be a fair price to offer my friend for the 1908 half, buffalo nickel, and Sacagawea?

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Eric Staal with the first SCF goal on a wrap!


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Calorie Estimating Calorie estimate for this dinner that my mom made? Prawns with garlic, cabbage & tomato, tofu & (leftover) zha jiang chicken, and rice & (leftover) quinoa. Thanks!

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Sinch is hiring a Junior Sales Development Representative - SDR in Mexico

Thumbnail remoterocketship.com

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How were gay and bisexual male infamia bottoms treated in Ancient Rome?


I’m a bisexual man and a bottom (even for women lol. I prefer pegging over traditional vaginal copulation) and I’ve wondered, “so I couldn’t be like a senator in Rome being a bottom. But since infamia included entertainers I could be an actor and playwright. Maybe I could be the lover of some Roman senator or aristocrat.” But what did being infamia entail? And did bottoming worsen it or was it just symptomatic of being infamia so it had no effect positive or negative? Because I heard bottoms in the military were beaten to death. Did the state punish non-soldier bottoms back home? Or were they just made infamia?

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Request [Request] Can someone make Paolo Borsellino?

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