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In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), what the fuck are these windows in Riri's dorm. Like seriously, who wants to be like 'time to go to bed, let me get down on my hands and knees to close my curtains, then grab a chair so that I can close my other curtains.'

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u/HelloThereWhere Mar 29 '23

Damn, for a college known for having very intelligent graduates, they got some stupid fuckin architects


u/netowi Mar 30 '23

The student center was designed by too-clever-for-his-own-good architect Frank Gehry. It has no right angles. Fun fact: did you know it is very hard to make windows with no right angles that don't leak, and also, it is very easy to get in a building with no right angles?


u/SwankiestofPants Mar 30 '23

One of .y favorite things is when people think they're special for trying to break from "tradition", only to discover exactly why things become tradition


u/LookAtItGo123 Mar 30 '23

Yea, there's a reason why no one reinvents the wheel, there could be better things such as hover boards which need no wheels but for now wheels work the way they are designed to.


u/[deleted] Mar 29 '23

Hey, thanks for chuckle at the end of a very stressful day.


u/JustRyan23 Mar 29 '23

I’m actually fond of them, and if I were at MIT I would either be away from my dorm until it’s too dark to care about the windows, or I’d be studying late into the night and also not care about light from the windows


u/silvercrow72 Mar 30 '23

If you were at MIT you'll be picking trash


u/TheShamShield Mar 30 '23 edited Mar 30 '23

What’re you talking about? I wish I had windows like that. Wow, people seriously downvote mg me for wanting different windows smh, get a life


u/andrasq420 Mar 30 '23

Yeah good look closing all 70 curtains after a long day.


u/HelloThereWhere Mar 30 '23

What about them do you think is enticing?


u/topdangle Mar 30 '23

unfortunately, being a genius at your specialty does not necessarily mean you have good taste. often the opposite really


u/SovietPaperPlates Mar 29 '23

shit parker got the good end of the deal


u/River_Odessa Mar 30 '23

.... Fucking why tho?


u/OnetimeRocket13 Mar 31 '23

Dear God that second one looks like a prison cell.


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Maybe trying to give her that bill gates windows backstory?


u/LightKnightTian Mar 30 '23

Nanotech 🤓


u/ElLindo88 Mar 30 '23

Nanomachines, son!


u/Sii_Kei Mar 30 '23

I don't understand why each of them has their own little curtain instead of having one grand curtain hanging from the ceiling.


u/DammitDad420 Mar 30 '23

They each have a tiny bar holding each curtain.

This is a subtle rod


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Students: Man, all of these tall gray buildings are boring. Can you... make a cooler building.

MIT: OK, here's a new building. We told the architect to go nuts.

Students: Wait, not like that!

This is a real building. Yes, it's a new dormitory, official name is Simmons Hall. Students nickname it "The Sponge" because of all the windows.

This movie also shows the Stratton Student Center (it's one of the oldest of the New Wacky Buildings, so it has no right angles) and the Stata Center.

On the flip side, the MIT campus police HQ is still next to the student center, carved out of an old castle fort. You can see it the previous scene, when they refer to MIT as the equivalent of a Wakandan children's school. There's a Bank of America ATM on the upper right side of the frame but Field of View renders it unreadable.

This movie DOESN'T show MIT's iconic steps in front of 77 Mass Ave.


u/MyOwnAntichrist Mar 31 '23

Jesus fucking Christ, how big is MIT? A university in my country is like... A building. A very big one, mind you, or a bunch of smaller ones facing the same yard. NOT AN ENTIRE CITY BLOCK.


u/therealchadius Mar 31 '23

Cambridge, Massachusetts is basically owned by MIT, Harvard, and a couple of smaller colleges. It's the primary reason why tuition is so expensive. Big colleges must be great colleges, right?


u/ivanchovv Mar 29 '23

Yeah, wasting all that time and mental energy before and after bed. No wonder they couldn't find a cure for T'Challa's illness in time.


u/MJLDat Mar 30 '23

Those curtains are a shitty thin linen and won’t block out anything.


u/babygeologist Mar 30 '23

simmons hall at mit! it looks like a sponge


u/HelloThereWhere Mar 30 '23

Just noticed how the sun is streaming in so I’m guessing they face north-west-ish and the fact that the thin curtains are barely blocking any light, imagine wanting a good night sleep before a summer test and not being able to because your shitty dorm room decided you should rise and fall with the sun like a Neanderthal.


u/whizzers_going_down Mar 30 '23

i bet these nerds have a button where they push and all the curtains close


u/Bobbytheman666 Mar 29 '23

Still makes more sense than the rest of the movie thought


u/Cheery_spider Mar 30 '23

Never seen black panter, but isnt wakanda like super technologicaly advanced? I am pretty sure she had something that closes them with a push of a buton.


u/HelloThereWhere Mar 30 '23

This isn’t Wakanda this is MIT and also I have been given the harrowing information that this dorm is, in fact, real, and people actually have to live with these windows.


u/Cheery_spider Mar 30 '23

Ooops, didnt know, I never watched black panter. I dont know what MIT is either, I will have to look it up.

As for the windows: whyyyyyyyyy?! I thought maybe the character just has unusuall taste and is willing to put up with the inconviniences, but why would you infict this on unwiling participants?


u/Akirex5000 Mar 30 '23

I mean you could just install a big curtain that goes over all the windows at once. I don’t really see much practical use of just having all the windows have individual curtains. Do they expect someone to just be like “oh boy I love being able to close all the curtains individually. It’s very handy having this one specific window open when I need it”


u/TheShamShield Mar 30 '23

They’re real and they’re awesome


u/milksheikh24 Apr 01 '23

As a 5 foot tall student who lives in that dorm (Simmons), I leave the top 2 rows of curtains closed. But I really love the aesthetic and imo Simmons is the best MIT dorm 🧽🧽🧽🧽


u/HelloThereWhere Apr 02 '23

I’m so sorry you have to live like this


u/Comprehensive-Stop44 Mar 29 '23

She millionaire, she doesn't give a fuck


u/CrimKayser Mar 29 '23

This is the kids dorm at college. She is not a millionaire.


u/MalicCarnage Mar 29 '23

MIT dorm rooms actually look like this


u/zastava_ Mar 30 '23

She could afford enough tech to build an iron man suit and had enough money to go to MIT, she’s definitely rich


u/Shadowpika655 Mar 30 '23

and had enough money to go to MIT,

you do know scholarships exist...right?

as for the iron man tech...I initially thought they explained it was made with scrap metal but I'm not quite sure anymore


u/GrimmOfThrones2187 Mar 30 '23

Riri Williams was able to build this in a garage. With a box of scraps.

Also she probably got a scholarship.


u/AdEven3477 Mar 30 '23

Most MIT students get a ton of their parts from the institute’s trash. I’ve seen some really incredible things made with practically zero budget, so a flight suit wouldn’t be completely out of the question.


u/Scribblelotl Mar 30 '23

Is that the same dorm room they used in VGHS?


u/FunkyHowler19 Mar 30 '23

It's obviously inspired by the Seattle Aquarium underwater dome