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Stomach Rolls are awesome NSFW

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u/eternalscreamingvoid Jan 24 '23

I mean, everyone has rolls if you sit down like that, I think that’s what they’re getting at. That it’s not a bad thing and a very normal thing. Idk, just my thoughts.


u/GarranDrake Jan 24 '23

Right, that's what I thought when I saw it. Occasionally you sit in a weird position and see your stomach rolls, or you stand oddly without realizing it and think you have a gut. We don't need to be hot af all the time.


u/eternalscreamingvoid Jan 24 '23

Yeah! Also, nice avatar 🤝


u/The_Aviansie Jan 24 '23

I mean I kinda want to tho 🥺


u/Thewalkindude23 Jan 25 '23

The Seinfeld episode with the nudist girlfriend comes to mind.


u/Ballinbutatwhatcost2 Jan 24 '23

I'm like 110 lbs and even I occasionally have stomach rolls if I sit right


u/WhiteBoyFlipz Jan 24 '23

6’1, 140 pounds. my stomach can look mighty plump at angles, or lying down at times


u/YouJellyFish Jan 24 '23

Wat. Are you a guy? I'm 6'1" and 185. I'm in p good shape. If I was 140 I'd be a skeleton, no matter the angle


u/WhiteBoyFlipz Jan 24 '23

yep 22 year old dude, i’m pretty damn skinny. but i have pretty shitty eating habits, in terms of numbers of meals per day. so i tend to stagnate on weight


u/eternalscreamingvoid Jan 24 '23

I’m 250 lbs and have rolls most of the time XD 🤝


u/Altruistic_Sample449 Jan 24 '23

I also have rolls while standing and they are perfect ♥️


u/MackenziePace Jan 25 '23

Thank you for this comment, I needed it after just getting off the toilet with my squatty potty